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‘We get the changes only in constitution not in the face of Nepalis people’


-Binay Kumar Gautam

The outer force which is known as western force is committed to change the system of Nepal since a long time ago. In the era of Prithivi Narayan Shah both Expansionist and imperialist were working together to expand their power in Nepal but they failed to succeed. After long gap with the help of India they have succeeded to overthroughn the Panchayat System and impose their so called democracy.

That was the first people’s movement to disturbalised our norms, values and identity of Nepal. People’s war and second people’s movement was completely designed and directed by the western power with the help of India succeeded to bring a so-called change in Nepal. More than 17000 innocent civilians were killed during the 10 year people’s revolution funded by the state of India. Nepalis are very innocent and faithful people living in harmony.

So called Maoist playing with people’s emotions, sentiment and spreading big dreams to people. Slowly, European nations and Western power started to funding the maoist people’s movement. Ten years of bloody revolution breaking the harmony of Nepalis people. They have started to destroy the social structure of Nepal by bringing disputes on class, regional, ethnic, gender and linguistic lines. Slowly they have succeeded on their goal and ousted the monarchy system and establishing federal system.

Maoist became the central power of politics in Nepal. People were forced to believe that the nation would be in democratic track after getting the new constitution. In the new republican constitution, Nation went into the federal system with secularism. Nepal is a sandwich between the two giant rising nations, India on the south and China on the north side. Both of them are heading for the super power in the world.

The world believe that super power is transferring from United State of America to China. It’s obvious that USA don’t want to loose thier world order. After Ucraine War new world order is slowly uprising. Russia, China and India these trio nations are slowly becoming New world orders. The USA sees Nepal as the best playground to stop these two Nation uprisings. So Nepal is slowly becoming a buffer zone to tackle China and India. Nepalis politicians are easy to bribe so most of them are becoming agents of the USA, China and India. Even peoples of Nepal are becoming pro American, pro Chinese or pro Indian. On the other hand it is hardly youths left in Nepal.

Each day more and more people are leaving this Nation because of unemployment and other reason is seeking for the higher education and opportunities. It seems like one of each family is settled down in abroad. Our government is run by remittance by the people of Nepal who are working abroad. What could we expect from the left overs and the traitors?

We get the changes only in constitution not in the face of Nepalis people. Lack of employment, food chain system, development, education sector and health system. Political parties lack concern in these things besides forming the government.

प्रकाशित: ३ माघ २०७९, मंगलवार १५:४३

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