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The Journey of International Citizen Service (ICS) Team Leader

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 Anil Lama.  

First of all I would like to give lots of thanks to Raleigh International Nepal (RIN) for selecting me a Team Leader for International Citizen Service (ICS) 1st cycle 2020 in Livelihood Program for Gorkha District of Nepal.  In this cycle Raleigh International Nepal (RIN) is planning to run Livelihod program in Five Nepali Community (5NC) Gorkha District of Nepal. Raleigh International Nepal (RIN) is not a new name for the community as well as people of Nepali community of Gorkha District since 2015 A.D.

The article below explains my Journey between those two things:     

I was involved in various organizations like CWIN Nepal, Women deliverance Society (WDS), Nepal Engineering and Technical Science Academy (NETSA) and few private schools before I came across the Raleigh International Nepal (RIN). I have worked as National Volunteer which is conducted by VSO Nepal in Five areas, 1) Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR), 2) WASH, 3) Temporary Learning Centre (TLC), 4) Debris Management and 5) Psycho social counseling and the program was supported by Ministry of Youths and sports in 2015 A.D. (June to August) in southern Part of Lalitpur district Bhattedanda and Dalchoki VDC (Now Bagmati Rural Municipality), which helps me to know about the importance of Volunteer work in my life. I got firsthand experience which can be taken as my turning point of Life, and which helps and supports for me to explore me and my volunteer experience in different sectors like Children, women and many more.

From the date of 14th Jan 2020 my Journey of Team leader started with Nepali In country Team Leader in the Country Office of Raleigh International Nepal (RIN) Khumaltar Height, Satdobato, Lalitpur where I got Chance to Know each other, educational background as well as working experiences of Nepali Team Leaders. After knowing each other we got chance to know about the working areas of Raleigh International Nepal (RIN) and interact with some staffs of Raleigh International Nepal (RIN) also.

With UKTLs my journey of Team leader started from the date of 17th Jan 2020 in Pasa Yard(Patan Dhoka). This can be taken as Residential Team Leader induction program between the Team Leader of Nepal and Team leader of UK’s. By this program we got chance to know each other, got chance to share educational background, working experiences, sharing internal and external feelings with each others. It helps to create a rapport building to team leader of Nepal and Uk which is very important. We stayed one week in Pasa Yard (Patan Dhoka) to know about the working areas, to know about the rules and regulations which we followed in our working community, Hopes and fears.

Before leaving  Community (Gorkha NC4, Aandanda,) with Volunteers we both Team Leaders have completed some tasks like selection of Host Homes for volunteer s and Team leaders, Host Home Risk assessment and orientation about the different works like village presentation, selection of counterpart of Volunteer and other works. For this the staffs of different department of Raleigh International Nepal (RIN) helps and support to each NC.

On the date of 6th Feb 2020 from The North Point Mall (Bhaktapur, Bode) With 12 Volunteers (Nepal and UK) we both team leader leave our working community NC4, Aamdanada to run ICS Livelihood program. When we reached in our working community Aamdanda, we keep the volunteers in their allocated Host Homes and after some hours we all gathered in a community hall called “Mahila Bhawan” and we gave some orientation about our program, our targeted group, informed them about boundaries and a small village tour with volunteers. From the next day, after having breakfast within a team, energizer and debrief we started to do our work which is included in our Team planning Tools.

According to International Citizen Service (ICS) Team planning Tool, we divided our volunteers as well as ourselves in four groups like: a) Community Development Group, b) Awareness Raising Group c) Training Group d) Infrastructure Group to make work easier and faster. While feeling easier to adjust and survive in community after one or two weeks we conducted one Joint meeting with collaboration of project Partner (Goreto Gorkha). For the conduction of meeting we used different types of medium to spread message as well as to inform the local peoples like communication through mobile phone, door to door visit, letters and flyers.

In this meeting we explained about who we are? Why we are in your community? What types of work we did in your community during our staying period in your community? In this meeting people were actively participated and people from different backgrounds also present in this meeting including school, host home, social workers and many more. This meeting helps to create mutual understanding between us and community to solve different types of problems related to livelihood.

After the conduction of meeting we started to do our activities in community. The types of activities which we completed in community like: – Nursery Bed Preparation, Construction of Poly tunnels , Formation of Environment group in School, Formation of Farmer’s group in Community, Awareness Raising Programs, Entrepreneurship Development Training, Litter Picking Programs. According to Team planning Tools we have to construct 25 poly tunnels. Before Mid phase Review (MPR) we completed 1 Nursery Bed of Tomatoes and Bitter guard and 9 poly tunnels which were listed in our beneficiaries.

But Suddenly, after the Mid Phase Review (MPR), due to the causes of Corona Virus Pandemic (Covid 19), our program is stopped from the date of 17th march 2020 which bring unhappiness in the face of our team as well as in community. We stopped to continue our remaining works after Mid Phase Review (MPR) from the date of 17th march 2020. And on the date of 18th March 2020 we left our community around 9:00 A.M. with big farewell from the local people of Aamdanda.

Challenges: Without challenges and without any difficulties we cannot easily get success in our life and in our work. Likewise some challenges which we face during the program are: Language difference between Nepali and Uk’s, the expectation of local people is high which is not included in our program, Management of time (During the conduction of meeting and time


Learning From this Project: Some important learning from this project is as follows:

How to fill soil in poly Bag, Measurement of Length and Breadth of Land before making poly tunnels, Measurement of bamboo and Numbers of Bamboos required before construction of Poly tunnels, how to make a nursery bed, what materials are required before making nursery bed, Knowledge about drip irrigation, ways of working systems in Nepal and Uk’s, Compromise and adjustment in communities, team mobilization, Financial work, Paper work and many more.

Lastly, I am proud to say this new roles suit me and I am having a great time of my life, along with challenges and obstacles. I would like to thank to livelihood coordinator Pradeep Neupane sir, Enterprise Development officer Manoj Yadav sir, Meal officer Gandip Dangi sir, Finance and Admin officer Keshav Yadav Sir, Sanjay Tamang of Logistic Department, Youth Development officer Shambhavi Poudel and Baibhav Dhital, Country officer Manager (COM) Jyotir Nisha, Operation Coordinator (OC) Samir Baidhya, Communiction officer Pooja Pradhan and Shaswat Adhikari, In-country Deputy coordinator (DOC)- ICS Livelihood Prashit Khanal, UK Deputy Opertaion Coordinator (DOC)- ICS Livelihood Bryn Williams, Medic of Medical department, Driver Dai Jagat Shrestha and Lal Bahadur Chand, All the team leaders from WASH project, all the staffs of Pasa Yard (Patandhoka), The North Point Mall (Bhaktapur, Bode) and Trishuli Beach Resort, Project Partner Goreto Gorkha, My counterpart Alexender Bascetta, Nepali and UK’s Volunteers, Host home and Host family, Local People of Aamdanda, for all the support and care.

Finally I would like to thanks to People of British and UKaid for the management of Funds for the Nepal and Nepalese community which helps to improve the living standard of People of the project launched districts and communities. This types of program helps to show the mutual relationship between the two countries. (Nepal and UK).


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