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Biplav led Communist Party announces protest program

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Kathmandu.Netrabikram Chand Bipalv led Nepal Communist Party has declared to protest programs against the government of Nepal. Issuing a press release the party demanded free test and treatment of corona infected Nepali people.

The party has said in its first point “The current state system and government has been being more ignorant and irresponsible to the country and people. Such activities of the government have been creating more complexities and crisis for nationality, republic and issues of livelihood of people day by day.”

The party has expressed concerns that activity of the government is going against the country. The party says in the second point ” The work of the government while the COVID-19 pandemic terrifying world and Nepali people the government has been dropping sensitiveness and minimum responsibility of state instead of throwing whole efforts in controlling coronavirus and providing health test like relief for people terrified by the effects  of coronavirus  is very mean and inhuman. This has proved the extreme ignorance and insensitiveness of the government to the people. In this time our party asks the government to provide the free corona test and treatment to the whole community.”

The party demanded to provide additional support to the frontline service providers. The third point of the release says” Our party has taken attention about some situation where security personals and health workers had to be suffered instead of receiving promotion and support from the state who had been working facing difficulty to provide their services in the ongoing   the corona pandemic. Our party asks government to manage facility of special allowance, health and social security for all frontline service providers like security forces, police, health workers, doctors, nurses, cleaners who have threat of life. ”

Finally the party urges all not to take personal advantage from this pandemic created crisis and support defeating coronavirus from their own stand. The fourth point of the release is read as “the protection of the state, government and concern agencies, even issues of this health crisis are being misused for earning money, corruption and accumulating property. Our party warns them in this crisis who have been ignoring the health of people and accumulating property on the base of government and its power, not to do so. For the above said issues we urge heartily to all party and people to do and participate in this struggle from their own stand.”

The party has announced three days special programs as on 31 October 2020, to organize corner meeting, on 2 November 2020 pamphlets distributing and  on 5 November 2020 to organize protest rally.

Likewise the party has finalized three slogans as Manage Free Health Test and Treatment to all, Stop Corruption and Business in the name of COVID pandemic and Punish Corrupt.

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